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Alliance HPLC System

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The flexible and reliable workhorse for all your HPLC requirements

Alliance HPLC Systems have been continually expanded and perfected to accommodate an enormous range of real world, problem-solving HPLC separation challenges.

The Alliance HPLC System is built around the 2695 Separations Module, which offers integrated solvent and sample management. The 2695 is designed to work with both Empower and MassLynx software, the complete range of Waters HPLC column chemistries and formats, including Intelligent Speed (IS), Symmetry, XBridge and XTerra columns, and a variety of detectors, from UV-visible to single- to triple-quadrupole mass spectrometers.

The Alliance HPLC System features:

  • Integrated solvent and sample management functions that ensure consistent system-to-system performance and high reproducibility
  • Alliance HPLC Systems can run with Empower Software for HPLC and LC/MS and with MassLynx for LC/MS or LC/MS/MS, enabling to you control operating parameters, and capture, process and store results data from a personal or networked computer
  • A large, intuitive, LCD-based user interface on the 2695 Separations Module allows rapid system set-up through AutoStartPLUS routines that streamline daily startups
  • Alliance Systems and columns are manufactured to a rigid set of performance specifications, allowing you to confidently transfer a method between instruments and still get consistent results, unit to unit and lab to lab
  • Improved control of your column environment via a column heater or heater/cooler, allowing you to control temperatures whether you’re using single or multiple columns
  • Integrated column switching valves permit rapid column selection, enabling unattended method development
  • Physical design that provides easy, tool-free access to pistons, seals, and the piston seal-wash as well as the lower needle-wash seal of the sample manager

Alliance LC and LC/MS systems set the standard for reliability and performance in today's laboratories that are pressured to run samples, around the clock, with unsurpassed accuracy.

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