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Ultra Performance LC (UPLC) 

Making more informed decisions in less time is a universal asset in today's laboratory. Ultra Performance LC™ (UPLC™ ), a new category of separation science pioneered by Waters, will eliminate significant time and cost per sample from your analytical process—while improving the quality of your results.

With UPLC technology you benefit from:

  • more data, faster
  • unparalleled sensitivity
  • greater efficiency and confidence in results

Waters ACQUITY UPLC™ and nanoACQUITY UPLC™ Systems use unique small particles, very low system volumes and greater throughput to detect more peaks with faster run times.

Ultra Performance LC not only advances what you can accomplish with liquid chromatography analysis. Mass spectrometry’s low dispersion, high-speed detection requirements significantly benefit from the performance characteristics of UPLC.

ACQUITY UPLC System  (<-클릭)

Waters ACQUITY UPLC System

Waters ACQUITY UPLC System

Offering the speed, sensitivity and resolution you need to produce better LC results in any analytical application

nanoACQUITY UPLC System (<-클릭)

Waters nanoACQUITY UPLC™ System
Waters nanoACQUITY UPLC™ System
Designed for capillary to nano-scale separations to provide the sensitivity, resolution and reproducibility necessary for biomarker discovery and proteomics

Our system-based UPLC solutions maximize all aspects of column chemistry and instrumentation – from sample management to solvent management to data management – to give you the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for.

With UPLC and Waters, you finally have the technology that can truly push science forward.

Every so often advances in science and technology combine to deliver a profound effect on how we get things done. For Liquid Chromatography, that time is now. Ultra Performance LC™ (UPLC™) is a new category of separation science that will be the catalyst for great advancements in analytical separation sciences.

These advanced systems were developed from great technological strides made in particle chemistry performance, system optimization, detector design, and data processing and control. When brought together, the individual achievements in each discipline created a step-function improvement in chromatographic performance. Defined as UPLC™technology, this new category of analytical separation science retains the practicality and principles of HPLC while increasing the overall interlaced attributes of speed, sensitivity, and resolution.

ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ Systems are holistically designed to significantly reduce run times by up to ten times. By working synergistically with ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ column chemistries, this UPLC technique optimizes ultra-low dwell volumes while taking advantage of the low-dispersion, high-speed detectors necessary for successful UPLC analysis. When all these technologies combine, it accelerates the levels of sample throughput, sensitivity and resolution. This gives you the speed you require to be productive and the sensitivity and resolution you need to be confident in today’s high throughput laboratories.

A New Technique Built Around a Novel Chemistry

Beginning with a new, patented 1.7um stationary phase designed to withstand higher backpressures, UPLC extends the theories and principles of HPLC. These smaller particles, when used in an optimized system, can deliver the promise of increased efficiency across a wider flow rate range. This result is a new level of Speed, Resolution and Sensitivity, chromatographic attributes that bring increased productivity and information to the Laboratory.

Hardware and Software

Waters ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ Systems have been holistically designed to optimize ultra low system and dwell volumes and take full advantage of the low dispersion, high-speed detectors necessary for successful UPLC™ analysis. The Waters ACQUITY UPLC™ System consists of a binary solvent manager, sample manager, ACQUITY column chemistry, column manager and either tunable UV or photodiode array detectors. There is an optional sample organizer with a capacity for up to 21 microtitre plates or up to eight vial racks. The system is controlled by either Waters Empower™ chromatography or MassLynx™ mass spectrometry software.

ACQUITY UPLC with Micromass® MS Technologies

Waters ACQUITY Ultra Performance LC™ Systems combined with the extraordinarily low carryover characteristics of the sample manager and the optimal low flow attributes of UPLC separations, take full advantage of electrospray ionization interfaces, as flow splitting is often unnecessary.

For that reason, ACQUITY UPLC™ systems will become the ideal choice as an inlet to mass spectrometry. When coupled to our Mass Spectrometry technologies, ACQUITY UPLC™ system solutions provide sensitive LC/MS and LC/MS/MS analysis. For example when combined with the Micromass® LCT Premier™, the outcome is simple automated exact mass measurement defining unprecedented improvements in speed and quality of data.

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